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Laurie Wallmark, an award-winning author, has been teaching for many years and enjoys sharing her knowledge of both STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and writing with children. She offers several hands-on, interactive workshops that can be tailored to any age or size group. If you are looking for information about her adult programs, click here. Download your author visit brochure here.

Laurie can adapt any of the below workshops for virtual visits.


REVISION (grades 2 and up)

Many students don't realize the many times a manuscript is revised before publication. After Laurie shows pictures of her own manuscript pages covered with editorial notes, students will realize that having to revise doesn't mean you did it wrong before. These before and after examples show students the importance of revision in everyone's writing. Then she'll share the methods she uses when editing her own work.

This hands-on writing workshop will give students some revision tools to add to their writing toolbox.

"I still think about the questions you asked."--fourth grade student

BEING A WRITER (grades K and up)

What does it take to become a professional writer? In this presentation, Laurie talks about the many possible paths to becoming a writer, emphasizing that there is no one correct way. She then shares the non-traditional steps she took on her own writing journey.

Through the give and take of this workshop, students will come to understand both the work, and more importantly the fun, involved in being a writer.

"I am certain that many young minds now feel empowered to become writers or scientists."--elementary school librarian


Children can't wait to participate in Laurie's interactive math- and technology-related activities. Here are a just a few of the many hands-on activities your students may have the chance to experience in this exciting workshop:
  • Moving like robots (programming)
  • Guessing a number (binary arithmetic)
  • Sorting themselves into numerical order (algorithms)
  • Calculating distances (units of measure)
  • Finding room where there is none (infinity)
  • Making one-sided paper loops (topology)
After taking part in this lively workshop, your students (and you!) will be eager to learn more about math and technology.

"She did a wonderful job engaging the students and is clearly passionate about her content."--library media specialist

WOMEN IN COMPUTING (grades 3 and up)

Coding and computers aren't just for boys! In this workshop, Laurie will talk about the achievements and lives of several women computer pioneers, including Ada Byron Lovelace, Grace Hopper, and Hedy Lamarr. Then she'll share her own journey as a computer scientist. Laurie will explain why in today's technological world, everyone needs to be computer literate. Most importantly, through her enthusiasm and love of computers, she'll show your students how fun coding can be.

After attending Laurie's workshop, your students will be eager to try their hands at coding activities, both in school and at home.

"Laurie's visit and presentation were the talk of the 5th grade for weeks, leaving the students with a curiosity to pursue a deeper understanding of coding."--program coordinator

WRITING BIOGRAPHIES (grades 3 and up)

A common school assignment is to write a biography. Your students need to make two decisions before beginning. First, whom should they write about? There are so many choices. How do they narrow it down to just one person? Then, after knowing the subject, your students have to find a focus for the biography. A cradle-to-grave biography is traditional, but there are other options. Finally, they need to decide on the form of their biography.

The tips and suggestions in this workshop will give your students the tools they need to write a biography they will be proud of.

"I like how you were inspired to write about female change makers."--seventh grade student

STORY ORIGINS (grades 3 and up)

Just like superheroes, all books have an origin story. How do authors come up with ideas for their stories? What makes them choose one topic over another? How do they decide the type of book to write--fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose, picture book or novel? Using her own writing journey as an example, Laurie will guide your students in finding a story to tell.

This highly-interactive workshop will leave your students eager to write about their own story ideas.

"You are the coolest author of all time!"--fourth grade student


In our increasingly technological world, it's important that all children have the opportunity to learn computer science. This workshop introduces students to the logical thinking and basic programming concepts needed to understand computers. Using Blockly, an easy-to-learn graphical system, students will soon be running simple computer programs that they've written themselves.

As students progress through these fun programming challenges, they'll gain confidence in their ability to work with computers.




Here's a chance for your students to meet an author at no cost to the school. Laurie can visit with your class via Skype for a FREE 15-minute visit. (limit one per school). All she asks is that you buy a copy (or more than one copy!) of her books for your school library and read them to your students before the visit. Laurie will answer students' questions about writing, her books, and/or herself.


Laurie would be delighted to autograph books for your students. Books can be ordered before her visit through your local bookstore.


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